Lavinia's Body Chain is a piece of wearable art inspired by an ancient Roman body chain from the Hoxne Hoard in interplay with Victorian-era styles. The piece surrounds the wearer, causing them to become part of the art. The chains are Etruscan style, hand-crafted and fused one link at a time. The pendant contains a set titanium-coated druzy crystal.

"Lavinia's Body Chain" is an art jewelry piece created by Lindsay Zike. Lindsay drew inspiration from ancient classics, including Etruscan, Greek and Roman, as well as Victorian England and contemporary works. Lindsay Zike. "Lavinia's Body Chain." 2014. Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Copper, Tourmaline, Druzy Crystal, 2.25" x 1.75" x 0.38" (pendant), 149" x 0.19-0.25" (chain).