Evocati interest survey

All information on this form is voluntary and optional. This is not an order form, and does not obligate you to purchase anything from us. We will not sell or otherwise transfer any of it to anyone else. We ask that you fill it out to help us make a few decisions about this project, and will only use this information for that purpose. We will not spam you with unwanted emails or phone calls. We will contact you only if you opt in and/or if we need to ask some follow up questions.

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Which service tag are you interested in?
We will be offering two options, tags in fine/sterling silver, and gold-plated letters. Which are you most interested in?
Do you wear veteran-related jewelry?
Do you wear Fine Art jewelry?
If yes, how often do you wear it?
How long have you owned it?
Please read the description below and rate the following statements: "Evocati (Latin for “veterans again called to service”) is a celebration of the collective identity as self-expressed by veterans. These dog-tag inspired pendants are constructed from .999 Fine Silver and .925 Sterling Silver wires flattened, fused and annealed by torch, shaped, and soldered together. The Yemenite-style filigree is made from two twisted thin wires, mill-flattened, and coiled to create the airy designs. Because they are painstakingly handcrafted, each one is unique."
Knowing that 20% of the proceeds are being donated to charities for veterans would make me more likely to buy.
Based on the description, I am interested in buying this new product, if priced within my budget.
What would you expect to pay for an artwork like Evocati?
At what price would this begin to look inexpensive or cheap?
At what price would this begin to look expensive?